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Strictly controlled Quality
Contemporary modern Technology
Extremely competitive Cost
Predictable & reliable Delivery
Excellent customer Service
Effective employees Training programs




Strict controls are implemented throughout the entire production process right until the point where products are packed and dispatched. All products are rigorously tested to ensure total compliance with pre-determined standards. In addition, all raw materials are procured from suppliers who are themselves equally motivated in achievement of quality assurance.

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Our investment in contemporary manufacturing technology and advanced testing equipment enables us to achieve products of highest standards.

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Productivity in our company is always kept at the highest level. This is accomplished by sharing our vision with our employees so that every individual within the entire framework becomes part of the team; highly motivated and filled with dynamism. In addition, by employing modern technology and methods, all redundancies are eradicated and work is conducted in the most efficient manner.

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Cost competitiveness

Financial stability

Influx Synergy operates on zero gearing, rendering the company totally debt free. By exercising strict accounting controls over all aspects of operations, the company is able to maintain a healthy balance of its cash flow and finances. With string financial standing, the company can focus relentlessly on achieving its vision and establish a long term business relation with its customers.

Delivery Reliability

We have designed a proper factory management program covering all aspects of operations including selection of reliable suppliers, appointment of dedicated workmen, effective production planning, proper stock control and engaging responsible delivery contractors. Thus, we are extremely predictable when it comes to delivery commitments.


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Our service does not end after the sale is done. As a matter of fact, customers enjoy our services before, during and after sales. We are 100% committed to our customers’ needs and therefore we always encourage our customers to communicate their intentions and expectations to us so that we can implement corrective action plans to further improve our performance.

Management philosophy

We believe that running a successful company is like rowing upstream. Thus we are committed to make consistent improvements as we progress to overcome diversities posed by demands of the industry. Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in the finger cot industry in the near future.

Training programs

All our employees are provided with carefully designed in-house training programs that progressively enhances both their working aptitude and attitude. Through such training programs, our employees are always adept to handle advances and changes in the industry.


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